Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lace It Up at Plaza Inde

Plaza Independencia is strategically located near Fort San Pedro and Malacanang Sa Sugbo. In the early 1600s, it was called Plaza de Armas. When it was widened later on and expanded to reach nearby properties of the Cathedral of Cebu, it was called Plaza Mayor. Later in the Spanish rule, it was further landscaped and developed and was christened Plaza Maria Cristina, in honor of the queen regent. During the American colonial period, its name was changed to Plaza Libertad, as the Americans asserted how they liberated Cebuanos from the Spanish rule. Later on it finally became known as Plaza Independencia ( 

Malacanang Sa Sugbo (in front of Plaza Inde)

The plaza is a place to relax and unwind for most people  living or working nearby. In 2006, a portion of the sprawling plaza was closed when a subway tunnel was built under it for the new road network of the South Road Properties. In 2010, October, the city decided to cater P40 million for the plaza's renovation. After two months, the historic Plaza Indepedencia opened to the public its new landscaped grounds, Legaspi obelisk, Magsaysay Monument and the War Veterans Monument. New comfort rooms were also installed in the plaza.

Plaza Independencia, (the U-shaped monument is the War Veterans Monument)

The plaza's renovation were also designed for health conscious individuals. In fact, it has a circumferential brick path that is perfect for jogging/running. At 600 meters per lap, you'll passed by in front of Fort San Pedro and enjoy one of a kind running experience. A 200 meter stretch is also perfect for speed training and running drills. Plus.... the sea breeze is just amazing. Running at Plaza Inde is addictive. If you wanna rest from unhealthy road runs on weekdays, and wanna keep away from NOx, SOx and CO (top three air pollutants that can cause Lung Cancer) then Lace It Up at Plaza Inde. 

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